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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now president obama meeting with democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. the comments he is making about the need to unite the party as we prepare for the november election. and the warriors drop game three in a big way. we are live with ktvu's sports anchor jason apple bomb. he is once of the best selling authors of our time. we talk with james patterson about his well known characters and his new project to get more people to crack a book. time to open up that 9:00 hour. angel island. raccoons on the back side. mount sam. the sleeping lady wrapped up in her morning blanket of fog there. welcome to "the 9", everyone.
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pam cook going the extra mile today. >> i love the sleeping lady in her blanket. >> mike likes poems. >> no poetry in cleveland last night. we are hoping for the sharks to come become with a victory tonight. we will talk sports in a little bit. first, we begin on scamper. there is a sketch circulated through stanford university of a man wanted for sneaking into the rooms of female students. >> very scary. campus police now need your help to identify and locate this intruder. >> reporter janine de la vega is live at stanford with more on these frightening encounters. >> reporter: this has been very unsettling for students. this happened here on campus drive east. this is an area where there is a lot of student housing and deputies tell us that in both instances the suspect entered the rooms through unlocked doors. here is a sketch of that suspect that the stanford department of public safety
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just released. he is a latino, 5'9", a stocky build, short brown hair, brown eyes and is between 18 to 30 years old. deputies say last friday at 3 in the morning he entered the room of a female sleeping in a house. she woke up to find him standing over her, lifting off the covers. she screamed and the suspect ran away. a few hours later at around 6 a.m. another woman reported the same thing happened in the same building, but in that incident she chased the suspect out of the building and into the parking lot. here's how students are reacting this morning. >> it's a scary incident to think about, especially with all the news that's coming out about the brock turner case. it's just scary to think that even on our campus we are not necessarily always safe. >> it makes me very uncomfortable. i hate to say that i'm not surprised, but i think a lot of people don't lock their doors on campus and this will probably convince people to start doing that more. >> reporter: authorities are
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investigating and looking for tips that will lead them to the suspect. school is over. graduation is this weekend. so it's unknown if the suspect is targeting women at stanford or in the surrounding area. authorities are really encouraging everyone here in the stanford community to take measures to protect themselves. they are telling people to do the obvious things. keep your doors and windows locked and to report suspicious activity. reporting from stanford, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. police say a task force targeting illegal marijuana- growing operations in alameda county will continue. officers arrested 15 people in oakland this week and officials think they have ties to the sinaloa mexican drug cartel. thousands of dollars worth of marijuana plants and loaded guns have also been confiscated. investigators say it's disturbing when people refer to drug trafficking as a victimless crime. officers say when word gets out there is a drug operation in a home, they can attract other criminals to the neighborhood. >> our home invasion, robbery,
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people are going to get hurt, possibly killed. what about the innocent neighbors that live next door or across the street and a stray bullet goes through their window or wall and kills one of them? >> police say children of people arrested are also victims. in this case, two have been place inside child protective custody after their family members were arrested. moving now to the race to the white house. hillary clinton may be the democratic party's presumptive nominee, but bernie sanders refusing to concede. right now he is at the white house meeting with president obama. now, want to show you some video of sanders arriving at dulles international airport. this is just outside washington, d.c. earlier this morning for the meeting. the white house says sanders asked it. while many democrats are waiting for the president to endorse hillary clinton, the white house has made it clear that that won't happen until after today's meeting with sanders. yesterday the president talked about party unity while taping an appearance for "the tonight
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show" with jimmy fallon. >> my hope is, is that over the next couple of weeks we are able to pull things together. >> clinton is also being careful not to alienate sanders or his supporters while she celebrates her victory. right now she is looking to getting an endorsement from massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> donald trump is looking to strengthen ties with the republican party today with a large meeting of campaign donors at trump tower in new york. the meeting was first reported by the "new york times." sources close to trump's campaign say it will include members set up by the republican national committee as well as his own campaign. trump has been pushing for donations and attending fundraisers ever since he became the gop's presumptive nominee. this fog has been deep. >> i glad i wore orange to compliment the gray. >> brightness to our set. let's go to steve paulson, who has been saying it will clear up a little later on, right?
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>> that's correct. pamela, you bring brightness to that drab set of those guys. look at that. thank you, guys. >> [ applause ] >> we have a lot of gray out there. that's in the form of the low clouds. there are a few breaks in that cloud deck and sunshine inland, but temperatures staying cool. the lows this morning really the big message for june. they plunged here. we had 40s for many up in the santa cruz mountains. scots valley. calistoga hills. upper 40s, even low 50s around the russian river. it was chilly this morning. that fog decided to ramp up. a few breaks around santa cruz. the cole forecast keeps it mostly cloudy on the coast. the water temp went down. not a lot, but a little bit outside the golden gate and also inside the bay about one to two degrees. that helps some of the overnight lows be a little bit cooler. fog will retreat back to the coast, but there is a decent breeze. it's out of the west for just
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about everybody. travis going bonkers the last few days. low 60s. concord's in there. fairfield. brentwood fast. 50s or low 60s. lake tahoe warmer. if you are heading to the mountains, looks good. tropical clouds are staying in southern california. that system to the north digging down is going to keep us cool for the next 48 hours. we will see temperatures kind of heading back to near normal by saturday and a little above by sunday. but for june, compared to last week, what a change. >> all right. >> thanks for sure. there will be at least one more warriors game at oracle after they were blown out by the cleveland cavaliers. the cavs have been dominant at home all post-season, and last night didn't change that after a back-to-back losses in the area. lebron james scored 32 points and kyrie irving added 30 in a 120-90 win. game four is tonight night in cleveland. joining us this morning is
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jason applebaum. >> also, there is lebron james. >> the cavs didn't get the script we had written for them. the epitaph to write them off. you got to remember that lebron james best player of the last decade. >> right. >> incredible player. like steph curry after the warriors were down 3-1 to the thunder, he said we are not going out like that. i have a feel that lebron james said the same thing. here he is firing up his team before the game. >> it's all about us. it's all about demeanor. dominate, one, two, three, dominate. let's go! >> you better believe he was fired up. the story early was kyrie irving. he outscored steph 16-0 in the first quarter. it was just a shocking display. and then this may be the moment of the game for lebron. he steals the ball. look at him throw it down. so lebron had a huge game. 32 points, 11 rebounds, 6
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assists. in the first quarter and the third quarter, the quarters that the warriors dominate, the cavs shot 73%. 30 of 41. so they just came out on fire in this game. they just laid the hammer. it's hard to explain. warriors win by 48 at home the first two games. they lose by 30. and the whole playoffs has been like that. there has been a lot of blowouts. >> it seems at the beginning when your threes aren't working, they should drive to the basket. as the young kids say -- >> were you yelling at the tv like me? >> take it to the rack. >> i watched curry's news conference. he said we played soft. >> yeah, we will play that bite in a minute. >> sorry. >> that's okay. >> it was a highlight to me. >> and the other thing he said, this wasn't about line-up changes. this wasn't about, you know, maybe the subs versus the starters. this was just about one team coming out angry and hungry and aggressive. what's interesting is the
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warriors were saying all the right things coming into, you know, game three, because they have lost every single game three of the playoffs. they were saying we are not taking it lightly. we are going to come out ready. we are going to get their best punch and then that happens. >> then back in cleveland. they want to show off for the home crowd, right? >> they sure did. >> when you are down by 20 points, that is an emotional gut punch. >> yeah. steph curry, this is a real conundrum for the warriors. two time mvp. clearly the best player in the world right now. he hasn't played like stephen curry in most of the playoffs, and certainly in this series. last night some said this is his worst game of the last two seasons. he didn't play well. this is his halftime numbers. two points, two assists, three turnovers. woke up in the third quarter. it was way too late. klay thompson called this a dirty shot. a screen in the lane. he didn't like it. he came back and played. he also took one right there in
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the face. so it was a rough stuff for the warriors. here is what steph said about his performance and then that steve kerr soundbite about the performance as well. >> it was all on me. they were playing aggressive defense and they came out with a big punch. i need to help my team. i have to play 100 times better. >> we weren't ready to play. obviously, they punched us right in the mouth right in the beginning, turning the ball over like crazy. soft. we were extremely soft. >> they came out. they played like a team with a sense of desperation like their season is on the lane. and we came out and played like everything was peaches and cream. >> peaches and cream. >> tip-off tomorrow. you said it, warriors three and five on the road. 11 and one at home. they have one more road game. if they get that one, it's over for the cavs. >> it's also desperation for the sharks. >> oh, boy. they have been a great team.
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home and road. they have been a great road team all year. all they have to do is put together a three-game win streak. it's been done before. they were loose at practice the other day. this is yesterday. chris tierney, in fact, came down the ice. you see him score a goal there. he comes down and scores another goal. then he scored a third. the team erupted in applause. they were loose as they could be. not impossible to win three in a row in this situation, but it's only happened once before in the finals. joe fonzi is out there live today. he will be on the 4:00 show. he will be there after the game with, hopefully, good news. >> from cleveland to pittsburg he goes. >> it's a two hour drive. >> then he goes back to cleveland tomorrow night. >> that hasn't happened as often as it has in basketball for hockey. >> only once in hockey. >> 1942 or something like that? >> there it is. good knowledge. >> it is elimination night for the sharks. our twitter question, do you think they can pull it off and come back to the tank for
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another game? tvuthe9. next on "mornings on 2: the 9", hundreds of people lined up to get tickets to muhammad ali's funeral. why the boxing legend's family is upset with what people are doing with those tickets. do you have a habit you are trying to quit? up next, the couple that will help you succeed.
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breyers natural vanilla. milk and fresh cream
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and only sustainably farmed vanilla. breyers has fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! we invited women to a spa to dish soap. body wash. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. a muslim prayer service honoring muhammad ali is underway in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. a live picture here. about 14,000 people are attending the service that is being broadcast on television as well as online. tomorrow a large public service for muhammad ali will take
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place at the city's sports arena. people lined up for hours yesterday for free tickets, which were gone in just about an hour, and now it appears some are actually selling a number of the tickets online for hundreds of dollars. ali's family are disgusted and amazed that anyone would profit from the death of their loved one. >> francly, this activity is -- frankly, this activity is despicable. it is deplorable that some people are trying to profit off the service. >> muhammad ali planned his own memorial service and wanted to be free and open to as many people as possible. he died last friday in phoenix. he was 74 years old. the move "ali" is coming back to theaters this weekend. sony pictures has received many requests to return the film to the big screen since ali's
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death. the 2001 film starring will smith and jon voight, it highlights muhammad ali's accomplishments inside and outside the ring. smith and voigt, by the way, earned oscar nominations for their performances in that movie. ali's fans are coming up with different ways to honor the sport's legend in atlanta. one woman thought about hanging a pair of boxing gloves from the olympic torch tower there. it's a 120-foot tall torch that was a tourist attraction for the 1996 olympics. the woman discovered someone beat her to the idea. she did the next best thing by taking pictures of the gloves and recording the touching tribute. here is a question at home. sal, pam, you as well. do you have a bad habit you are looking to quick? >> i think we all do. >> no particulars off the top of your head. >> a couple has a product that might help you kick that bad habit, and it started with a long kept secret. >> i didn't tell anyone. like not my mom. not my dad. not my sister.
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not my best friends. >> reporter: embarrassed and ashamed, she was holding on to a 20 year secret. a habit she hid even from her husband. >> it was my routine to get ready, get my eyebrows on before he would see me. one day i just, you know, schedule didn't work out and he is like what's going on? >> reporter: she was living with a compulsive disorder that led her to pull out her eyebrows and eyelashes. >> they had a 20-minute conversation where she was like, i have been pulling out my hair for the last 20 years. we set about to create a solution for her. >> reporter: with jobs in finance and advertising, the minneapolis couple had no experience in the tech sector, but they were determined to help the more than 30 million people living with debilitating habits. >> if you want to stop, it's almost impossible to because you don't even know how it's starting. >> reporter: with help, they developed habit aware. wearable technology that learns your bad behavior and then
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notifies with a gentle vibration when you give in to your urges. thumb sucking, hair pulling, skin picking and nail-biting are just some of the habits the technology can learn. >> there is still that chatter in your head about what you are doing, but it's just so -- it has so much control over you that you can't stop. many get the vibration. it shuts that chatter down and gives your brain a chance to move to the conscious mind. >> reporter: for the first time in decades, she is sporting her natural eyebrows. more importantly, she says she found peace and she wants to help millions find the same. >> that was fox reporter courtney godrfied. coming up next on mornings on 2 "the 9", the 12-year-old boy stabbed inside a san leandro bank is now speaking
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out. hear how he describes the attack and how he is doing. and hoverboards, they are back for the summer. you do see them out and about. we are going to talk to an expert about the new safety changes after a series of recent fires. there's nothing like trying something new.
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at welcome back to "the 9". over the holidays we know hoverboards quickly became the hottest selling item with people everywhere putting them on their wish list, but then the story changed as people began reporting hoverboards suddenly bursting into flames. now, here in the bay area we reported on a family in petaluma. they said the hoverboard began setting off sparks after being plugged in and charging for just about 15 minutes. in brentwood an 11-year-old girl was riding the board when it caught fire and nearly exploded. now hoverboards are back, but with new safety standards. for more on this i am joined by ken boys, underwriters
9:23 am
laboratory, and katherine mahoney from razor. thank you for being here. this is a topic in my neighborhood. definitely from christmas and parents ask me constantly, i know you, katherine, at razor, yours were deemed safe for the most part. what have you changed? >> reporter: well, i think it's important to point out that safety is part of our manufacturing process has always been extremely top of mind for us. we have been passing other safety certifications, such as the astm standard for mechanical safety. and when ul published their certification standard for electrical and fire safety, we immediately began to partner with them and did what we needed to do to get the ul certification. and we're one of the -- we are the first brand in the u.s. to get that certification. and really excited. we are having our certified hover tracks back on the marketplace as early as july. >> okay. and ken, tell us, because i
9:24 am
know we interviewed someone from "wired" magazine. they did an extensive study on these. the battery was the problem. we have also talked about and -- people are still leaving them plugged in and walking away. can you still have some of those issues even with the new safety changes and why was the battery such a problem? >> the battery really was a significant problem for some hoverboard designs. they have a lot of energy in a very small package. they are potentially susceptible to thermal runaway that can cause the fires and explosions. the good news is, in the wake of all those incidents that happened late last year, ul moved very quickly to leverage our ex peer sees in -- expertise in lithium ion battery from the charger to the electronics to the battery pack to the motor and put that out
9:25 am
in the public domain so manufacturers could use it to design their products, that are requirements for how to build a hoverboard and a critical set of testing requirements to prove that the hoverboard design is really safe. that combination is very powerful. the good news is we have a number of manufacturers, including razor, that have taken advantage of that and they are eligible to bear the ul hologram mark for safety. the product has been evaluated for safe use. >> reporter: for people to feel comfortable, it has to have that label. are we still needing to not overcharge it, don't plug it and walk away? i mean, are there still some basic things we need to do even with those approved hoverboards? >> that's a great question, pam. yes, there are safe protocols. we captured a lot of those
9:26 am
instructiones in our standard. manufacturers like razor also have very detailed instructions about how to make sure you have a safe charging event. how to use the right charger with the hoverboard, because that can cause problems if you mix and match chargers. those issues are all still important. there is a lot more substantial documentation about how consumers can do that in a safe manner. >> thank you for the information. we know there will be cheaper versions still out on the market. thank you for giving us that tool to look for the label out there. those of you can -- thank you for joining us. mike and sal. >> thank you, pam. coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", a touching story of a boy and a dog. coming up in just about 20 minutes, the little boy that snuck into his neighbor's garage to play with her dog and the way she is now responding. >> ♪ you've got a friend in me ♪
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we are checking the twitter feed right now. we asked you about the warriors and the sharks. the warriors were pummeled last night. do you think ey will win game four before coming back. and the sharks elimination game, do you think the season is going to end tonight? one says it took the sharks 25 years to get to the stanley cup finals. let's hope they win tonight and come back to san jose. go sharks and go warriors. >> i have a comment from luis. he says the sharks need to score the first goal and play with a lead for a change. >> they do. >> they sure do. paul says i can only hope that sharks can win. if any player deserves a championship, it's thornton. you can use #ktvuthe9. >> patty marleau, too. san jose police are searching for three suspects in the violent attacks outside of
9:30 am
donald trump's rally last week. these are in addition to three juveniles. >> the police chief is delveds his officers' actions at the protest saying the officers did the best they could to keep the peace. >> leigh martinez has nor information. >> reporter: police arrested three suspects, all juveniles, caught on camera assaulting people outside of trump's rally. two are charged with felonies, assault with a deadly weapon. now police say after looking at more video footage they want to find three more suspects. now, the three suspects arrested yesterday are in addition to the four people who were arrested earlier for assaults. now police say they are looking for three additional suspects. two photos of the suspects were posted on sjpd's twitter this morning. and hour cameras were rolling when police say this man punched a man in the crowd and then left the scene. san jose police chief eddie
9:31 am
garcia also defends his officers' actions during the protests. he denies he ordered his officers to stand down when the protesters turned violent. one trump supporter says he was attacked by an angry mob and wants the mayor and police chief held accountable. >> instead of worrying about the people getting a tacked -- attacked, they are worried about what they look like. >> reporter: the chief stood before the santa clara republican party last night and said the city was given two days notice of the rally and, in hindsight, 250 officers were not enough to handle the crowd. and the police chief said last night that he was sorry people got hurt. he says officers are currently reviewing videos and he hopes to announce in the coming days that they have more arrests. >> thank you very much for that report. california's new right to die law goes into effect today. it allows people with terminal
9:32 am
illnesses to ask for medication to end their lives. patients must be diagnosed as having six months or less to live and asked for the prescription on three separate occasions. the patient also has to be able to take medication on their own. elizabeth wallner has stage four colon cancer and supports the law because she is worried about her pain becoming insufferable. >> i will get the prescription and fill the prescription if it gets to that point. whether or not i take it would be a day-to-day decision. >> opposition to the law continues from some religious groups and others who object for ethical reasons. another new state law takes effect today as well requiring customers to be 21 years old to buy tobacco products. california follows hawaii to raise the tobacco age from 18 to 21. that law also bars people from smoking or vaping e-cigarettes in public places.
9:33 am
some smoke and vape shops say their sales will suffer, but supporters of the law say the point is to prevent teens from smoking. all right. want to bring you up to speed on breaking news here. we just learned that brock turner, the former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus, will leave jail two months early. according to the online inmate records, the 20-year-old is expected to be released from the santa clara county jail on september 2nd. he was booked june 2nd. that means he will serve four months of the six-month sentence along with three years probation. the sentence triggered criticism that a star athlete from a privileged background received special treatment. prosecutors asked the judge that he be sentenced to six years in prison. we are hearing from a student who stopped the attack on the victim in that case. graduate student carl-fredrik arndt appeared last night on
9:34 am
the fox news program "on the record" with greta van susteren. he and his present peter johnson were riding their bikes on campus. they noticed a man on top of a partially clothed woman who was motionless and on the ground. arndt's friend chased down the man who turned out to be brock turner. they detained him until police arrived. he said the woman was unconscious the whole time. >> very shocking and disturbing at first, i'd say. it's something i have though about a lot and it will be with me for a long time. not in the same way they will, but it's something horrible toughens. >> tmz reports that turner is in protective custody. this is to keep him from being abused or keep him safe, they say. they told tmz people convicted of sexual assault are often targeted by other inmates. the stars of the hit hbo show "girls" are speaking out against sexual assault, and specially referencing the stanford case.
9:35 am
>> why is there a default reaction in this city? or to silence, or to shame? what if we chose to turn towards those in need instead of away. >> in the psa, the actors want to remind people that all girls should matter. in a post on twitter, lena dunham dedicated the psa to the brave survivor in the stanford case. well, threats have been made against the judge who gave that stanford athlete his sentence. he is getting phone calls of violence. an online petition to remove from had the bench is nearing 900,000 supporters. persky was re-elected thursday to another six year term as he ran unopposed. >> he is a good judge, but he doesn't care about the damage that has been done to this woman. that's what it sounds like.
9:36 am
so maybe he is the bad apple. >> some legal analysts say recalling him would be difficult and a drawn out process. they say there is not of that can be done about the six-month sentence. modifications usually involving shortening a sentence. now at four months. not lengthening it. a different case. prayer service was held last night for a vallejo teenager kidnapped on her way to school two weeks ago. friends and family gathered at the overpass on taylor avenue in home acres. police say that's where 15-year- old pearl pinson was last seen being dragged by a man holding a gun. the man suspected of taking her was killed the next day during a shoot-out with police. pearl pinson's sister was at last night's vigil and she says she will never lose hope that pearl still alive. >> it's getting harder every day knowing she is out there by herself. i can't imagine what she is going through right now, how she feels. >> the suspect in pearl's
9:37 am
disappearance was 19-year-old fernando castro. it's believed the two knew each other, but only as acquaintances. we are hearing from the 12- year-old boy stabbed inside a bank in san leandro earlier this week. ktvu's rob ross has more on the boy's story and how he and his mom are dealing with what happened. >> the back area here mainly here. and on his -- on his back towards his spine. >> reporter: 12-year-old jacob soriano is out of the hospital wearing warriors gear that covers his bandages except for the one on his arm. he described the attack inside a bank. >> i guess i felt something on may back and then i tried to run, but i guess i blocked her. and then i kind of got cut on my arm. >> first and foremost, just thankful my son is alive. >> reporter: his mother gets emotional talking about seeing him in the hospital for the first time. >> broke out in tears, of
9:38 am
course. thankful he is alive. >> reporter: jacob was visiting from arizona and was with a his grandmother inside this wells fargo bank in san leandro when police say a woman stabbed him in the back and shoulder with a pair of scissors. they say she then robbed another customer. police arrested iona hammond. they say she was still carrying the scissors and had blood on her hands. jacob never saw her coming. jacob's parents got the call in arizona and had to drive to the bay area. >> shock. shock. when you hear news like this, you can't help but think it's a joke. the fact that my son was in a different state was probably even worse. >> reporter: jacob had to have surgery on his back. he needed 50 stitches. he should be okay. >> tired and very painful. >> reporter: what hurts the most? >> my back. >> reporter: his mother says last night was rough.
9:39 am
>> nightmares, of course, which is hard to accept. >> reporter: there may be no rashle explanation why someone would attack a child for no apparent reason, but it happened. >> we will get through this, right? we will get through this. >> reporter: the family plans or heading back home friday, shocked and released. rob roth, ktvu. police in pittsburg are letting residents know they might hear what sounds like gunfire for the next few weeks because of instruction on highway 4 near the railroad avenue overcrossing. crews are working on the e bart station between six in the morning and two in the afternoon and they are using gunpowder charges to drive spikes into the steel frame. the road crew foreman explained to us what is happening. >> when this fires off, it drives that steel pin in the steel. it echoes. they are actuated by gunpowder, which is quite loud. we were letting everyone know that there is going to be
9:40 am
gunfire-like noises coming. >> now, part of the reason for the warning about this is because there have been several shootings, as we have reported, along highway 4 in eastern contra costa county in the past few months. so certainly people are worried in that area about that. the foreman says the part of the roadwork that will continue for the next three weeks is only during the daytime. so police are suggesting that if you hear gunfire or what sounds like gunfire in the area after 2:00 in the afternoon into the evening, that's when you should call police. if you use twitter, you might want to change your password today following the discovery of another data breach. tech news service zdnet reports a russian hacker gained access to millions of twitter account log-ins. the hacker wanted to sell the information for 10 bitcoins or 58 hupped on the deep web. twitter says the breach did not come through its own systems but malware attacks on users.
9:41 am
last week millions of myspace and tumbler accounts were compromised and put up for sale. tinder is putting a new restriction on users. starting next week they are discontinuing service for everyone under the age of 18. now, sundays it launched in 2012, the app has allowed anyone between 13 and 17 years old to actually match up with other users in their age range. officials say the new rules will only impact about 3% of its users. they believe it's the right move to keep members safe. all right. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", another rapper takes the mound and it's another first pitch fail. >> the comparison he is getting to another music star. after writing dozens of best selling crime stories, author james patterson has a new project. up next, we ask him about his new book to reinvent the way you read.
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a san francisco business is reportedly taking the city's homeless issue into their own hands. according to the "san francisco chronicle," the bonham's auction house is accused of using their rooftop sprinklers to try to get rid of homelessen campments in front -- homeless encampments. they have been turning the sprinkle others on every night for three weeks. police reportedly came to the site yesterday and asked the homeless to move their tents around the corner. those living on the streets say it's unfair, but neighboring businesses say the trash build- up is just too much to handle. controversy is brewing over an undocumented teenager in austin, texas, who is valedictorian at her high school. now, the student is graduating
9:45 am
with a 4.5 g.p.a. she received a full scholarship to go to the university of texas. some are angry because she posted on social media revealing she is an undocumented immigrant and receiving free tuition. she has since deleted that twitter account. support in fremont for the two police officers shot. three-year-old everett perkins stopped by the station to drop off a sympathy card. he is not alone. ten elementary schools have sent over cards. police say they are touched by the gesture. both of the officers are still in the hospital but are said to be improving. author james patterson's books have sold more than 300 million copies and have been made into movies. >> his characters include alex cross, once played by morgan freeman, and the woman's murder club, which is set in san francisco. >> and now he has introduced book shots. short novels hoping to invent the way people read books. we are joined by james patterson. thank you for taking the time.
9:46 am
>> hey. this is a book shot. >> i love it. >> under 150 pages. under $5. very past faced. addictive. my wife is a big reader and she has now read 20 of these. i have to get ahead of the game. she keeps going, give me another one. the first two that we got on alex cross and the zoo. so they are everywhere right now. they are in every store. not every store, but everywhere you can buy books and online. >> james, is it hard to write a novel and keep it short? >> yeah. >> without developing the characters and giving people some sort of plot development, too? >> i don't -- mike conley says about my books, and i think it's true about books shots, when james writes a book every chapter is about the characterization and action forward and turn on the movie
9:47 am
projector in our heads. i think the best experience, you go to a hit movie. you know, one that you really like and that was terrific. you don't, go, gee, i got more characterization in a 700 page dickens novel. so you get plenty of character in these. more than -- i mean, that's the funny thing. we get into these, like, every novel has to tell you everything in the history of mankind about a character. we don't know that much about our spouses sometimes. there is plenty of things in here. if you love alex cross, this is the only place you find in story, and it's a really good one. and if you haven't read an alex cross, this is a great way to get exposed. under $5. >> it's indicative of our society right now, right? we have a little bit of time. for me being a working mom, i misreading because i used to read a ton and i don't have any time and i am so enticed by this. >> and it becomes very hard for -- i don't want to speak for
9:48 am
you, but for a lot of people to like commit then to a 400 page book. >> right. >> if you have got all these responsibilities already. but this is like, okay, let me try it. let me see if that fits into my lifestyle. >> james, do you ever get writers block? >> no. obviously not. one could only wish. no. i don't get writer's block. part of the reason for that is, is i do so many books at the same time. you know, whatever. that helps. >> so you are writing them at the same time? you are not focusing on one start to finish? >> i tend to right a few things at the same time. and obviously i -- but everything i write, i write the firstout line. on the book shots, i have 117 of these finished or in the works. so we're into the second year of book shots. and 85 are the ideas and the outlines are mine. so, you know, it's crazy. we had a guy, a tv guy in from
9:49 am
sunday morning, cbs sunday morning, and i pulled out these drawers. he is like, this is insane. this is insane. he said, james, you are insane. >> do you hope this attracts more people to reading? >> i hope it will do a couple things. i hope it gets people who don't know how books fit into their life light now, so they will have -- with these book shots it will fit into their life better. and then one of the great things for me so people go, you got my husband reading again or you got my wife reading again, you got my kids. i love that. so i think it will get some people back in the habit of reading who have gotten away from it because they are too busy. started a new job or new in the work force. >> growing up were you a reader? >> i was a good student. you became a big reader -- i worked my way through college at a mental institution and i
9:50 am
used to work a lot of night shifts. most nights there wasn't a lot of do and i with a read, read, read, read, read. that's where i became a big reader. >> james patterson, thank you for taking the time. congratulations. books shots. go out and get them. they are very cheap and great to read. thank you. former 49er chris borland is now an unpaid intern. the 25-year-old stunned the sports world last year after he retired because of concerns of the long-term effects of repetitive head injuries. borland spoke to the "washington post" an begun a internship at the carter center. the non-profit was found by former president jimmy carter and his wife. he tells the post he misses the camaraderie with his teammates and is in touch with them almost daily, but he does not regret his decision. we will hear from 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick for the first time in months.
9:51 am
he is scheduled to speak to reporters today. he is taking part in limited drills with the team while he is still recovering from three surgeries. you can bet reporters will can about his help, learning chip kelly's offense, and rumors that he has asked for was nearly traded. and nike is sticking by tennis superstar maria sharapova. she was banned for two years for failing a drug test. sharapova is appealing the ban. she tested positive for a heart disease drug that the federation banned at the start of the year because it has a performance-enhancing substance. nike said they would monitor the situation. now they say the investigation revealed she did not intentionally break the rules. they hope to continue their partnership. all right. now to a story, a great story about a nine-year-old boy in
9:52 am
louisiana and a dog. i want to show you video here. you can see the boy in it. jumps off his bike. runs into the garage. hugs the dog. runs back on to his bike. the dog is wagging his tail. happy to see that boy there. the thing is, this is not the boy's garage and that's not his dog. the woman who lives at the house saw these images on her surveillance camera. >> so cute. >> so she went on facing felony. she posted a message asking her neighbors if anyone knows this little boy. she wants to tell him he is welcome to stay and play with the dog any time. the boy's mom responded. she says her son, his name is josh, turned ten shades of red when she told him to watch the video. josh talks about the dog all the time. >> so now josh and the dog spend a lot of time together. you can see josh has taken selfies with duchess. josh's mom says the family had a dog since josh was two years old, but the dog died last year
9:53 am
and josh really loves dogs. >> they are both filling a need, right? >> it's just cute that he sees the dog in the garage and he is kind of scared. a little hesitant because it's not his home. he runs? >> the dog needs a hug. >> that's very cute. >> awesome story. we will be right back after the break. the break.
9:54 am
try micellar water want a dfrom garnier skinactive. the micelles attract dirt like a magnet to: 1. remove makeup 2. cleanse and 3. soothe. no harsh rubbing, no rinsing. micellar water from garnier skinactive. tto nourishing repair. new whole blends by garnier honey treasures haircare. with the essence of royal jelly and propolis. nourishes deeply, for naturally beautiful, revived hair. new garnier whole blends honey treasures.
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welcome back to "the 9". we want to clarify the breaking news that we told you about brock turner. we reported just about 20 minutes ago turner's sentence was not formally reduced. he was sentenced to six months, as we have been reporting. he could get out early. most likely with good behavior. that lease day would be september 2nd. again the sentence was not reduced. he was sentenced june 2nd as a typical sentencing. you could get out early on good behavior? the a's were swept by the milwaukee brewers. coco crisp with a nice catch yesterday, but a run scores. the brewers won. the a's head to cincinnati for a three-game set starting tomorrow. >> and the giants won last night splitting their two-game series with the red sox. the red sox threatened in the ninth, but the giants got away with one. a 2-1 win. they lost -- they host the dodgers for a three-game series
9:57 am
beginning tomorrow night. all right. that is our show for this morning. pam, thanks for joining us. see you back here tomorrow as well. >> yes. >> thank you again, everybody. i will see you back here at noon. have a great rest of the morning. have great day. have great day. stevie wonder. i know this intro anywhere. >> ♪[ music playing ] ♪
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